tiramisu crepe cake Layers of delicate crepes (blini) with a blend of coffee Liquor and Mascarpone creamy goodness.
This cake made and all the pictures are taken by my sister Svetlana; Thanks sis!!!

·         4 eggs
·         2 cups of all purpose flour
·         3 cups of milk
·         1/2 cup of sugar (or less depending on how sweet you want them)
·         3 Tbsp. of vegetable oil
·         Pinch of salt
·         16 oz Mascarpone cream
·         6 oz heavy whipping cream
·         1 package gelatin
·         1 cup powdered sugar
·         2 Tablespoons Coffee Liquor
·         Cocoa powder and chocolate shavings 
Directions for Crepes:
Preheat the pan on medium heat. For best crepes, use a thick bottom pan of a medium size about 8”.
Step 1: sift the flour into a large bowl; add 2 cups of the milk, mix so the lumps don’t form then add the remaining 1 cup of milk, mix.
Step 2: add the eggs, vegetable oil  (I used corn oil), and the salt. Mix it all together. Then add the sugar to your tasting.
Step 3: crease the pan, or use cooking spray. Then pour 1/4  cup of crepe mixture into the pan. Swirl the pan so the mixture covers the bottom of the pan.
Step 4: When the edge of the crepe turn gold, flip it over. I use a fork to lift the side a little then flip it. Cook the other side for a few seconds and then take it out onto a large flat plate.
Directions for Cream:
Step 1: Mix the gelatin with 3 Table spoons of water in a cup, let it thicken for a 1 minute.
Step 2: Put the heavy whipping cream into a small pot over medium-to-low heat. When the gelatin thickens mix it with the whipping cream. Don’t let the mixture to boil. Just heat it so the gelatin dissolves with the cream. You will notice the gelatin grains will no longer be visible.
Step 3: Using a mixer, mix the Mascarpone cream with the powdered sugar.  Add the coffee liquor.
Step 4: Pour the warm heavy whipped cream into the mixing bowl. Stir for 30 second or until the two creams have combined.
Caution: do not try to beat it and get the cream to thicken; it will thicken on its own within a few minutes. If you will beat it, the cream will separate into water and fat.
Assembling the Cake:
Step 1: Using the crepes, spread a table spoon and a half of cream on top, layer 20 crepes this way, then sprinkle coco powder on the top. Chocolate shavings are optional.
Step 2: Refrigerate for 2 hours, and then enjoy a slice of Tiramisu Crepe Delight with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or a fragrant cup of tea. 
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