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Honey kvas

You will love this easy and delicious Organic Honey Kvas on a hot summer days. Kvas is one of the most popular Russian drinks. My hubby’s brother Nick shared this simple no sugar added recipe with us. It became our favorite Kvas recipe.

Serves: 18-20
2 gallons or 8 qt of water
1 cup molasses
1.5-2 cups Honey, I used Organic Raw Honey
1 cup raisins
1 Tbsp. of dry yeast

Fill large pot or container with 2 gallons of lukewarm water. Add rest of the ingredients and stir well until honey dissolves.
Cover with plastic or lid and let it stay at room temperature for 1.5-2 days stirring occasionally.
Scoop up the foam and raisins from the top. Using strainer pour kvass into bottles, cover with a lid and refrigerate for 6-8 hours or overnight. Kvass is best served chilled in hot weather
I used glass gallon bottles but plastic juice containers or soda bottles will work great.

kvas recipe