You’re going to love this NO toss, Sunflower looking layered salad.  So perfect for any occasion.  Definitely will impress your guests. Are your taste buds watering yet? Come get the delish recipe!!!

1 can -12.5oz. chicken
1 can- 9 oz. sweet corn
1/2 cup marinated mushrooms-drained, chopped
2 medium carrots- boiled
3 eggs-boiled
5 green onions- chopped, white parts are separated from green
1 can potato Chips- Pringles, Original
3/4 cup mayonnaise
Salt and pepper
Drain the excess liquid from the chicken and layer it on the serving plate;
Add the layer of boiled carrots, grated on big slots of grater (I was out of carrots and used canned- diced, worked just fine)
lightly sprinkle with salt and pepper;
Add some mayonnaise to cover (use the convex part of spoon to spread it).
Add the layer of marinated mushrooms;
Add white parts of onions (chopped).
Cover with layer of boiled eggs, grated on big slots of grater.
Spread mayonnaise on the surface.
Cover it with corn.
With green parts of chopped onions make little border around the salad. Insert chips around the plate.
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